A Man That Hated His Job Decided To Stop Complaining. He Made Art Instead. The Results Are Incredible.

Have you ever had a job you hated? What did you do about it? Complain a lot? (Yeah me too.) That”s what makes midwestern photographer Logan Zillmer different. Zillmer works as a retail manager, and thoroughly loathes his job. Last year, in an effort to combat the soul sucking powers of retail, began a photo a day project. He had a degree in film and put his talents to good use. What he created is an amazing series of surrealist photos mostly inspired by his lucid dreams. Here is how he describes his reason for starting the project: “The retail job is my “real person job” but I would argue that it makes me less of a real person. Photography has always been second nature to me, both because I”ve done it since I was 15 and because it is just how my mind works.”

“I Want to Feel At Home”

“The Balloonatic”


“Human Nature”

“Cornfield Sunset”


“Looking For Sun”


“untitled (Spur series no. 2)”

“Winters Dream”

” The Career Man”



“Men In the Trees “

<img ""="" alt="" class="articleimg" in="" men="" src="http://images.viralnova.com/000/057/064/desktop-1406690688.png" the="" trees="">



“Self Sabotage”

“The Reluctant Giant”

“The Trial”

“The Relative Life”


“The Long Year”

“Frozen Lake”



H/T: Daily Mail A “lucid dream” is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. Zillmer was able to create these dreamscapes in his head and then show them to us. Doing something like this is so much better than complaining about your job. Make sure to share these by clicking below.